Teachers and Staff

As each teacher completes their preference sheet, their information will be posted here. If the Teacher does not have a link, then they didn’t fill out a preference sheet, but their IA did.


Mrs. Adams; IA: Mrs. York

Mrs. Barrett; IA: Ms. Lovely

Ms. Johnson; IA: Ms. Graham

Mrs. Scarlett; IA: Ms. Williams (T)

Ms. Taylor; IA: Ms. McDaniel

Ms. McMillan; IA:

1st Grade: 

Ms. Bailey; IA: Ms. Williams (D)

Mr. Halm; IA: Ms. Johnson

Mrs. MacDougall; IA: Ms. Williams (D)

Ms. Mullen; IA: Ms. Johnson

Ms. Walker; IA: Ms. Williams (D)

Mrs. Ziegler; IA: Ms. Johnson

2nd Grade:

Ms. Crowcroft; IA: Ms. Williams (D)

Ms. Duncan; IA: Ms. Johnson

Ms. Halferty; IA:

Ms. Payne; IA: Ms. Williams (D)

Mrs. Lenz; IA: Ms. Johnson

3rd Grade:

Mr. Davis

Ms. Churchwright

Mr. Moyer

Ms. Narcisse

Ms. Walton

4th Grade:

Ms. Byrd

Mr. Rorie

Ms. Gilmore

Ms. Taylor

Ms. Lewis

Ms. McPhail

5th Grade:  

Ms. Fearrington

Ms. Jones

Mrs. Harris

Mrs. King

Mrs. Stancill


Ms. Full

Mrs. Good


Mrs. Platko; IA: Ms. Brooks; IA: Ms. Medlyn

Mrs. Whitney; IA: Ms. Carraway; IA: Ms. Purefoy


Mr. DePeal

Ms. Kashimba

Ms. Evans

Ms. Morrow


Mrs. Anderson

Ms. Davis

Ms. Devlin

Ms. Dabbs

Ms. Isley-Roghelia

Ms. Sopko


Ms. Martin

Mr. McCabe

Ms. Demidenko

Mr. Stone


Art: Ms. Atherholt

Media: Ms. Ray

Technology: Ms. Miller

PE: Mr. Kilgore

Music – Mrs. Walker