Many of our PTA board committees need additional support! Our current commitees are audit, communication. advocacy, fundraising and nominating.

We are looking for people with a variety of experiences, skills and interests. We can work with any time commitment level and many tasks can be completed at night, on the weekends or from home. For more info please email at ptahopevalley@gmail.com. 

Specific Needs

-The Communications Committee needs parents who can take photos during school and PTA events for the PTA website and social media. 1-2 hours per month; times vary.

-The Communications Committee is also looking for a parent to maintain a whatsapp group in Arabic. About 1 hr/week; times are flexible.

-The Fundraising Committee is looking for parents to approach local businesses about becoming sponsors. We have a form you can take by when you’re out an about. This could be a one-time thing or an on-going opportunity. If you’re interested, please reach out!

-The Fundraising Committee is also looking for parents who can join the committee to plan and execute the Family Fun Fest–our spring fundraising carnival. January-March; 4-6 hours per month (mostly email). April, 15-20 hours. We are also looking for someone who is interested in learning the ropes for successive years.

-Ms. Ray needs help shelving books in the media center! Please stop by the media center or sign up here to arrange a time.

In order to volunteer at DPS Schools, all volunteers must first complete an application and undergo a brief background check. You can complete all of this online by registering with DPS using the link below. Please note that volunteer approvals are valid for two years. VolunteerRegistration

PTA Board

The PTA board meets monthly at 6pm on the first Thursday of the month in the HVE media center. These meetings are open to the public and minutes from these meetings are posted here as they become available.




1.15.19, budget and notes. (This was a general body meeting to propose an ammended budget.)